Sanctum Salve

An invigorating and uplifting aromatic salve formulated with three local wild herbs; Devil’s Club, Poplar Bud, and Juniper Berry. It arouses the senses, reminding us of the warmth and brightness of spring and summer. The salve is a warm circulatory stimulating topical remedy. It has a particular benefit for those of us who experience achy, sore or painful muscles and joints or other musculoskeletal conditions which require increased blood flow, or are aggravated from cold and damp weather. 


The plants contained in Sanctum Salve are highly regarded as protective and purifying remedies. Sanctum Salve has been formulated with the aim of helping folks develop their personal power and define their own boundaries. It is useful in ritualistic and ceremonial work, as well as in personal growth work. The plants in this salve can assist with the ability to stand strong and tall in one’s authenticity and vulnerability.


Poplar Bud (Populus balsamifera) infused oil smells of the start of spring. The tree bud resin is profoundly warming and circulatory stimulating. It soothes inflammation and pain, and improves blood flow. The buds are a highly effective broad spectrum antimicrobial, and can be used against numerous bacterial, fungal and viral infections. There are naturally occurring salicylates which are effective at reducing inflammation.


Devil's Club (Oplopanax horridus) infused oil promotes circulation, to move stagnant fluids in the body. The root bark is a highly effective broad spectrum antimicrobial, and can be used against numerous bacterial, fungal, viral and mycobacterial infections. This plant encourages inner strength, authenticity and willpower. Devil’s club is highly revered by nearly all traditional people who live within its range, and should be respected by all of those who work with this plant.


Juniper Berry (Juniperus communis) infused oil stimulates blood flow, warms the tissue and reduces inflammation. The berry helps to relieve pain in joints and muscles. It is a highly effective broad spectrum antibacterial.


The Devil's Club, Poplar Bud and Juniper Berry are extracted in Organic Virgin Olive Oil. Beeswax is added to create a semi solid salve and a small amount of vitamin E is added as an antioxidant preservative.


Formulated with 3 powerful wild plants that were foraged from pristine environments within the west coast of BC.


Sanctum Salve is not appropriate for those with salicylate sensitivities. It is recommended to test the salve on a small patch of skin prior to use. We do not recommend this product for pregnant or breastfeeding women, or children under 12 years. If you have any preexisting illness or are taking medication please consult a health practitioner before taking this product

Sanctum Salve


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